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FacilityONE Enters Academic Market with PikMyKid Partnership
Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

LOUISVILLE, KY -- FacilityONE Technologies, LLC, a cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management System provider, has entered a strategic sales partnership with PikMyKid, a comprehensive School Safety Platform, to enable schools and school districts to leverage enhanced facility, logistical and safety management processes.

Under the agreement, FacilityONE and PikMyKid will coordinate on opportunities to equip schools with a robust and customizable suite of resource-saving solutions that alleviate inefficient dismissal processes and building maintenance logistics and improve disaster and emergency preparedness.

FacilityONE's UNITY system provides organizations with the information and data needed to seamlessly manage facility performance, risks, cost compliance and maintenance. The platform and facility digital blueprint technology is easily accessible both on- and offline on all mobile devices, providing school staff, facility managers and first responders convenient access to the facility's digital floor plans and critical facility information -- at any time and at any location inside or outside of the facility.

These enhanced functionalities effectively reduce response time and ensure immediate work order access, generating significant time and cost savings. Further, the system's all inclusive, automatic program updates eliminate downtime, enabling enhanced efficiency and productivity with no additional versions to purchase. This results in extending the life of facility assets.

"We are excited about our joint venture with PikMyKid as we focus our combined energies to empower educational institutions to leverage innovative technologies to improve and extend the functional lifespan of the physical plant," said Cathy Powell-Voigt, Executive Chair and CEO, FacilityONE. "This unified effort will also ensure student safety anywhere on school grounds. Together, these solutions mitigate risks of natural disasters and emergency situations, creating a more safe and secure environment for students and faculty."

In addition to maintaining and overseeing facility maintenance and management, the FacilityONE system also enables collaboration between the school and local first responders to support emergency preparedness. Specifically designed for this purpose, FacilityONE's HAWK (Helping America Watch over its Kids) program provides strengthened safety precautions and enables access to critical facility information, enabling an impactful and rapid respond to potential emergency situations while achieving the highest level of safety for students and staff.

"At PikMyKid, we are incredibly proud of our successes in innovating and improving traffic mitigation and student safety. By working closely with FacilityONE, we will be able to provide school systems nationwide with the most comprehensive solutions for school safety and emergency preparedness," said Pat Bhava, Co-founder and CEO, PikMyKid. "This partnership represents an exciting time in our company's history and will help to strengthen student safety while improving operations of the academic facilities that are the bedrock of education."

PikMyKid helps school systems overcome student security gaps through a cost-effective safety platform that has achieved parent engagement rates of more than 85 percent in most participating schools. It features real-time push notifications to alert parents to school updates, emergencies and weather changes, which ensures safer, faster and more efficient dismissal processes. The application also includes predictive carpooling suggestions, rapid identification of visitors and pickup parents, and the ability to track school bus routes in real time.

"We are confident that this collaboration will establish FacilityONE as the leader in facility maintenance and enhance PikMyKid's reputation of excellence combining traffic mitigation, student safety, emergency preparedness and facility management within the academic sector," said Chandler Rapson, Chairman, FacilityONE. "It will also provide our education clients with the support they need to achieve sustained operational success and alleviate any unmet safety precautions, such as outdated facility layouts, infrastructural deficiencies and critical system awareness."

For more information, visit www.facilityone.com or www.pikmykid.com.

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