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For Busy Venues, Tork Releases Continuous Hand Towel System
Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

PHILADELPHIA -- Tork, Essity's professional hygiene solutions brand, has launched its PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel System.

Available as of January 4, the dispensing system features hand towels which have been compressed by 50 percent, delivering unprecedented capacity, with a unique way of dispensing towels fast and without interruption, to serve high-traffic restrooms. This will allow facility managers to serve up to 600 more guests, with each dispenser, between refills.

Big crowds can cause big headaches with overcrowded or dirty restrooms at venues like airports, concert arenas or stadiums where soap and paper run out fast. To make matters worse, cleaning staff at these venues may also need to travel far distances between restrooms and storage closets.

Because research shows that dirty, overcrowded restrooms are the primary concern for guests at busy venues – more than long lines and heavy traffic – and 70 percent of guests have had a bad restroom experience, facility managers must take action.

"Guest experience is a valuable currency and restrooms have a direct impact. For example, one in three guests limit how much they eat and drink to avoid going to the restroom," says Claude Corcos, Marketing Director, Professional Hygiene Solutions - Commercial Segment at Essity. "This can have a devastating effect on a venue's business as food and drink is often an important part of its overall revenue."

To create a positive restroom experience without adding strain on cleaning staff, Tork PeakServe combines features that effectively prepare high-traffic restrooms to handle large crowds by the following:
Easy, Flexible Refilling – Dispenser refill flexibility allows cleaners to tackle the task when it suits them, and save time by not having to check refill levels frequently.  Continuous towel technology connects the top and bottom of each compressed towel bundle, allowing them to dispense continuously, serving crowds without interruption, tabbing or jamming, which puts dispensers out of play.

High Capacity – A single dispenser holds up to 2,100 towels or 1,500 feet of toweling – 25% more than any other towel system on the market today. By serving up to 600 more guests between refills than traditional dispensers, it gives staff peace of mind to focus on important cleaning tasks, without fear of product runout.

Increased Efficiency – Compressed hand towels allow cleaning staff can carry double the load, reducing time spent traversing back and forth to stock restrooms.

Improved Visitor Experience – Revolutionary interlocking towels create a continuous flow of toweling, which generates smooth, one-at-a-time dispensing that ensures guests can dry hands fast without being held up in the restroom.

Compatibility – Tork PeakServe is fully compatible with Tork EasyCube Intelligent Facility Cleaning, a cleaning management software system that utilizes connected dispensers to provide real-time, actionable data to improve cleaning efficiency and customer satisfaction.

"Until today, facility managers had to choose between roll towels that provide high capacity and folded towels that can be refilled flexibly when selecting a hand drying solution," says  Corcos. "We have taken the best of both worlds and created a groundbreaking new format of continuous towel and your visitors will experience the difference."

Quick facts about Tork PeakServe:
Highest capacity on the market – can fit 2,132 towels in a single dispenser
Can serve over 1,000 guests between refills – 600 more than existing dispensers***
Faster dispensing serves guest in less than 3 seconds
One-at-a-time dispensing with a continuous flow of paper towels – without interruption
Add extra towels anytime without throwing away stub rolls
Highly compressed bundles allow cleaning staff to carry double the load

To learn more about Tork PeakServe, visit www.torkusa.com/PeakServe.




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