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Mountain Joins Afflink

Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

TUSCALOOSA, AL -- AFFLINK, a sales and marketing organization for the distribution and packaging industry, has announced the addition of John “Bo” Mountain as Sales Manager for the company’s Southwest Region.

Mountain brings years of experience in the packaging industry to the AFFLINK family. 

He has helped manufacturers and distributors improve their packaging and shipping programs and has also led in the design and installation of custom pack stations and void-fill systems.

These solutions help ecommerce and distribution companies reduce cost and improve their productivity.
Awards and Honors

During his career, Mountain has been honored with the following awards:
• Innovation Beyond the Comfort Zone: Awarded for innovative ideas helping to improve business for customers and employees.
• Angler Award: Awarded for bringing new opportunities to a company, allowing the company to demonstrate its technical and creative strengths.
• The Certified Packaging Specialist from AFFLINK.

Mountain’s principal responsibility will be to help increase the profitability of AFFLINK members in the Southwest region by educating them on the many programs and services AFFLINK provides its members to boost sales and improve bottom-line earnings.

“I believe my experience working in sales on both the manufacturing and distribution side gives me a unique understanding of the challenges our members face in the marketplace,” says Mountain. “Additionally, my experience in the multi-location distribution network gives me a good insight into the management challenges of running a distribution business in the current environment.”

Mountain can be reached via email at bmountain@afflink.com.

AFFLINK connects more than 200 manufacturers of facility maintenance, packaging, safety, office, food service, and MRO supply solutions with nearly 700 independent distribution experts. Their innovative procurement management results in innovative products, market expertise, and improved profitability for their clients. Powered by ELEVATE, a proprietary approach to the marketplace, AFFLINK can uncover never-before-seen opportunities and quantify their value to enhance their clients’ overall image, promote a healthy workplace, decrease total costs, increase productivity, and satisfy any sustainable objectives they may have.

For more info, go to www.afflink.com/