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Clorox Displays Commitment to Health with New, Pro Brand

Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

PLEASANTON, CA – Underscoring a commitment to public health, Clorox Professional Products Company unveiled at the ISSA Show 2018 last week in Dallas CloroxPro, a unifying new brand encompassing its industry-leading healthcare and commercial cleaning products.

The new brand acknowledges the common challenges and unique needs of the commercial cleaning industry and the importance of cleaner, healthier shared spaces in all our lives.

"Commercial facilities, like schools, offices, gyms, hotels and hospitals all need to maintain clean, pleasant environments and kill germs that can cause illnesses and outbreaks," said Lynda Lurie, Director – Marketing, CloroxPro. "CloroxPro recognizes the dual imperative of cleaning for aesthetics and cleaning for health and the value that a comprehensive, unified portfolio brings to facilities that need to do both."

As of last week, the new CloroxPro brand and tagline, "Where clean means everything," will come to life in a variety of ways, from a new logo and updated packaging, to the launch of a new website, www.CloroxPro.com.

The look and feel of advertising campaigns and our presence at trade shows and industry events will also reflect the new unified brand. While our products will not change, some of our cleaning product labels will be updated in phases with the new branding. 

Our Commitment to Public Health
Illnesses and outbreaks have always been a risk in communal settings, but in today's fast-moving, global world, outbreaks anywhere have the potential to threaten health everywhere.

The rise of community-associated infections and growing threat posed by antibiotic resistance only heighten this risk and make preventing and controlling the spread of infections within and between facilities an urgent priority.

"In shared spaces, the impacts of illnesses and infections multiply quickly and create ripple effects that are felt at individual, facility and community levels," explains Lurie. "Every year, the flu alone leads to thousands of illnesses and deaths, millions of missed days of school and work and billions of dollars in lost productive time, but it doesn't have to."

Built on more than a century of cleaning and disinfecting expertise, CloroxPro is uniquely positioned to help reduce the burden of illness in the many shared spaces where we come together to work, learn, play, travel, socialize and heal.

CloroxPro offers the industry's most robust portfolio of professional solutions, including cleaning and odor removal products, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered surface disinfectants for healthcare and commercial settings and advanced ultraviolet (UV) and electrostatic sprayer technology. Its products are trusted by professional sports teams, leading hospitals, and schools and workplaces throughout the country, and contribute to healthier environments every day.

For more information, visit www.CloroxPro.com.