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To Raise Its Profile, Afflink Releases Company Fact Sheet

Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

TUSCALOOSA, AL -- AFFLINK, a global supply chain manager, has released a company ‘Fact Sheet’ after it found  that many attendees at the recent ISSA trade show have heard of AFFLINK, but are not that familiar with what it is or what it does.

The Fact Sheet covers a variety of items about the organization and the services it provides distributors throughout North America.

According to Michael Wilson, Vice President of Marketing for AFFLINK, the company decided to publish a Fact Sheet as a result of meetings held at the recent ISSA Tradeshow in Dallas.

"We found that many attendees at the [ISSA] show have heard of AFFLINK, but are not that familiar with what it is or what it does," he said. "For instance, many we talked to thought we were a buying group, just focused on the jansan industry. We are much more than a buying group and we serve several industries including healthcare, packaging, hospitality, safety, and industrial."

Among the many items listed on the Fact Sheet that apparently are little known about AFFLINK include the following:
•     The company is more than 40 years old;
•     Has a street in Tuscaloosa, AL named after it, AFFLINK Place;
•     Has more than 200 manufacturing "preferred supplier" partners;
•     More than 200 distributor members in 430 North America locations;
•     Developed the free ELEVATE process, an online consulting "dashboard" for procurement managers and distributors;
•     Developed an e-commerce portal for distributors called Shopfront that now markets over 250,000 products;
•     Is a member of the US Green Building Council and a BOMA 360 Ambassador, a status that recognizes organizations dedicated to serving the commercial real estate industry.

Wilson adds that the Fact Sheet lists several awards, recognitions, and certifications the company has earned from leading trade publications, manufacturers, distributors, as well as healthcare and other organizations.

"We could not have accomplished this without the advice and support of our distributor-members around the country," says Wilson. "Ultimately, they are AFFLINK, and they helped make so much of this happen." 
AFFLINK connects more than 200 manufacturers of facility maintenance, packaging, safety, office, food service, and MRO supply solutions with nearly 700 independent distribution experts.

For more info, visit www.afflink.com/