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Citron Hygiene Expands in Europe with Admiral Acquisition

Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

TORONTO -- Citron Hygiene has expanded its global footprint and entered the European market with its acquisition of Admiral Cleaning Supplies Limited of Leicestershire, England. 

This is Citron Hygiene's first acquisition outside of North America, making it an especially significant one.  Admiral has been in business for 34 years and is one of the United Kingdom's largest distributors of the HORECA market (Hotel/Restaurant/Café).  They have two locations in the U.K., approximately 80 employees and 7,500 customer locations. 

"This is an exciting time for Citron Hygiene,” said Peter Farrell, president and CEO. “In March 2017, we entered into the U.S. market, and having this transaction closed July 2018, we are now in a new country and new continent.  Breaking into the European market has been a big step for our global growth strategy."

Since establishing a partnership with Birch Hill Equity Partners, Citron Hygiene has acquired six companies (now seven) in an effort to increase its corporate footprint.  The acquisitions in the United States and Canada have enabled strong market expansion of its core service platforms of washroom hygiene, pest control, ware-washing and chemical services, to the most sophisticated of commercial buildings, public spaces, and local eateries. 

Citron Hygiene plans to implement their washroom services platform in the U.K. in relatively short order.  According to Farrell, "Much like how Citron strives in 'building healthy spaces,' Admiral focuses on creating the clean, professional environments that support the health and wellness of building occupants.  Our businesses align and I look forward to this being a successful introduction to the U.K." 

Going forward, Citron Hygiene intends to invest significant capital into the U.K. market.  Andy Bottrill will continue to be the Managing Director of Admiral.  Both he and Richard Adams will stay with the business and remain as part of the investment. 

Citron Hygiene looks forward to future acquisitions in North America and the United Kingdom.  In the meantime, Admiral customers can expect the same quality services they have been receiving while also seeing new products and services becoming available. 

To learn more, go to citronhygiene.com/uk/.