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EZ Maintenance Marks 40 Years

Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

BOSTON -- Ask Eliott Zeprun how he ensures that every one of his supermarket and retail clients’ urgent maintenance needs are addressed 24/7 and he smiles: “I don’t sleep much. Someone said it’s like I’m available 25/8.”

Over the last four decades, Zeprun has helped hundreds of clients from Maine to Florida save on maintenance costs while avoiding repair-related headaches. He follows the Golden Rule: “I treat clients the way I’d want to be treated. We know how critical it is to get a store back to normal as fast as possible – especially when a huge inventory of perishables is at stake.”

In addition to general maintenance, EZ’s more common services include sewer and drain cleaning, parking lot striping, and automatic doors. EZ’s network of contractors also handle plumbing, HVAC, electrical, elevators, sprinklers, drywall, locksmith services, roofing, glass, lighting, overhead doors, and much more.

Another key to EZ’s success: An on-call electrical/mechanical engineer with decades of experience in facilities maintenance who provides expert remote diagnosis and solutions for quick remedies – available to Zeprun 24/7.

Zeprun learned the ropes of the food business working in his family’s  Zeppy’s Bagel Bakery, a Boston landmark for 60 years, starting at age 10. “When I was a teen, my dad’s workers baked and shipped 2,000 dozen bagels every day to customers like Stop & Shop, BJ’s and others.” Today, in addition to those chains, among many others, EZ services Shaw’s, Costco, and Publix Markets in Florida.

After college where he studied Facilities Management,  Zeprun became Senior Operations Analyst for  the Howard Johnson restaurant and motor lodge chain, which at its zenith was the largest restaurant chain in the U.S. with more than 1,000 orange-roofed locations (’28 flavors’ of ice cream) plus 520 hotels.

When the company was sold in 1979, Zeprun took his Rolodex (“a gold mine”) and launched EZ Maintenance Services with a former colleague. ”I had long-time personal connections with hundreds of service and maintenance contractors all over,” he recalls. “We preserved those relationships and turned our experience and contacts into a new business.”

Zeprun lists several reasons why he has survived – and thrived – for 40 years:
•     Due to the volume of work, EZ can beat anyone on price;
•     All contractors are continuously monitored for performance and quality assurance, ensuring only the most qualified contractors are dispatched;
•     Rapid response 24/7 to keep stores open, save perishables, limit losses;
•     Vendors are paid within 14 days so they respond fast to EZ’s calls; 
•     Vendors are local and know if they respond quickly with competitive prices and quality service, they’ll get a steady stream of business from EZ;
•     Service calls are answered within five minutes.

Among other keys to success, Zeprun says, “We work with pre-qualified vendors in most trades who respect our high standards and pre-established rates. We screen vendors for proper licensing and insurance so customers have peace of mind. And we stick to a standard hourly labor cost of $85 per hour. No surprises!”

Long-term relationships mean that EZ and its vendors know the properties well and provide strategic proactive and reactive maintenance that protects and extends the life of the asset while saving the owners time, money and headaches.

Zeprun says, “For both single stores and large chains, our solutions eliminate complexity and result in speedy work order resolution. The ‘EZ’ name says it all.”

For more information, contact Eliott Zeprun / 617-504-1142 /  ezeprun@ezmaintservices.com or nadams@ezmaintservices.com .



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