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SFM’s Wood Joins Board of Sports Commission

Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

CLEARWATER, FL -- The National Association of Sports Commissions recently announced the appointment to its board of directors of J.D. Wood, general manager of the Panama City Beach Sports Complex, a Sports Facilities Management (SFM) managed facility.

Wood has made a name for himself in the youth and amateur sports tourism market as an established thought leader in the field. This announcement comes on the heels of several presentations he has made in the marketplace, including at the Sportology Conference in Dallas.

Wood will join a 12-person board of directors overseeing varying areas of the association including representation of Members and Event Rights Holder Members. In addition to this honor, J.D. presented on a panel of leaders within the SFM Network – the nation’s largest single network of sports tourism venues – at the Association’s annual conference and tradeshow in Knoxville, Tennessee on Wednesday, May 8.

This panel included SFM CEO and Founder, Jason Clement, SFM Account Executive Lori Moore, JD Wood, and Hoover Met Complex General Manager John Sparks. The panel’s topic will be “Optimize, Maximize, and Capitalize; Strategies to Working with Your Facilities” – an in-depth look into the relationship between the client, facility team, partners, and outsourced management firm, a topic in which this team has unique and varied experience through the SFM Netowrk.

About his appointment, Wood says, “It is a tremendous honor to be selected for this role on the NASC, now the Sports ETA board of directors. I am privileged to represent SFM, the Panama City Beach Sports Complex and our industry by serving the association.  It was a great opportunity to share our knowledge and experience on a topic that is crucial to our business. I love going to work in this industry every day, and I am grateful to serve in these capacities.”

Clement offered his congratulations on Wood’s achievement, “J.D. is extremely talented and has earned an impeccable reputation within our market. We are thrilled for him represent our firm, the association and the industry in these ways. More importantly, J.D. is a true servant leader making those around him better. We all benefit from J.D., and he will excel in this role with the NASC.”

To learn more about J.D. Wood and other SFA & SFM team members, visit www.sportadvisory.com. The SFM Network is accepting hiring experienced leaders for their growing portfolio. To learn more, visit: https://sfmnetwork.com/





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