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Make Your Building Smart: Airthings Launches Healthy Building Solution

Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

OSLO -- Airthings, a provider of technology to detect indoor air quality problems, has officially debuted its new Healthy Building Solution for property managers, HVAC suppliers, business owners and school administrators.

The clean-air technology is being exhibited at the IFMA World Workplace Expo, being held this week in Phoenix, AZ.

There’s an inherent demand for facility managers and building professionals to strike a balance between creating a healthy, productive environment for inhabitants while simultaneously maximizing efficiency and improving the bottom line.

The goal of Airthings’ Healthy Building Solution is to achieve this balance by delivering a customized air quality assessment plan that can be instantly integrated into your building and tailored to your business needs – in turn, improving the overall health and wellbeing of your employees, occupants or students through IAQ and radon monitoring while decreasing operating expenses.

The Airthings Healthy Building Solution includes the brand’s energy-efficient, wireless smart indoor air quality monitors with radon detection, such as the Wave Plus and Wave Mini, along with the Airthings HBS Hub, which wirelessly connects multiple Airthings devices and allows for distribution across a large building.

The unique difference-maker of the Airthings Healthy Building Solution is that it can be immediately and seamlessly retrofitted into any existing building, because all of Airthings’ industry-leading IAQ monitors are battery powered and require no cables – allowing them to be mounted universally anywhere. The system is adaptable to spaces of all sizes, instantly upgrading the sustainability, energy efficiency and overall intelligence of your building at a low cost.

Through the Airthings HBS Dashboard, users can view building occupancy, monitor IAQ data remotely, calculate their ROI, and receive a shareable diagnostic report with the click of a button. Additionally, Airthings offers a fully accessible REST API, allowing for a simple import of IAQ data pulled from Airthings’ Healthy Building Solution into facility managers’ existing building management system.

“At Airthings, we’re keenly aware that a healthy building makes for a smart building,” said Oyvind Birkenes, CEO of Airthings. “Using the Airthings Healthy Building Solution to analyze and quantify the productivity in offices, businesses or schools can be essential in helping to attract and retain talent, save on costs and create safe and healthy places that parents will feel confident sending their children to. Studies have actually proven that optimizing indoor air quality is directly correlated to improved performance, and in turn, greater revenue generation. By introducing building professionals to our Healthy Building Solution and IAQ devices, we’ll enable them to achieve a healthy building, a productive and motivated staff, and an innovative, forward-thinking company model.”

At IFMA World Workplace Booth #1516, Airthings will showcase its all-new Healthy Building Solution, which utilizes Airthings devices such as Wave Plus and Wave Mini to monitor for seven critical IAQ components: Radon, total VOCs, carbon dioxide, humidity, temperature, air pressure and light. These sensors, when paired with the Airthings Dashboard, are ideal for optimizing your building’s air quality through real-time awareness and establishing an efficient air quality building management system.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Airthings Healthy Building Solution can quickly and easily make your indoor space intelligent, energy-and cost-efficient, and improve the health and wellbeing of staff, customers and students, go to airthings.com/business.




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