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The Building People Supports Energy Huntsville Initiative

Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

LEESBURG, VA -- The Building People, a facility management services provider, is embarking on a collaboration with the Energy Huntsville Initiative, an Alabama-based program that is striving to make Huntsville an energy-smart city.

The Building People is now one of the highest level sponsors of Energy Huntsville and has brought on two employees to work on projects to support the program.

Michelle Nguyen is serving as a social media marketing specialist and will revamp Energy Huntsville’s social media platforms, work on website development and find ways to tell Energy Huntsville’s story and message in creative ways.

Allison Mason has joined the enterprise as an administrative coordinator.

“The Building People is proud to support the Energy Huntsville Initiative as the city works to promote smart energy strategies,” said Lawrence Melton, president of The Building People. “Sponsoring Energy Huntsville is a perfect fit for us as we focus on developing unique, efficient and innovative energy and sustainability solutions supporting the Huntsville community.”

Energy Huntsville strives to help companies in the city become more energy efficient, said Jay Newkirk, chairman of the Energy Huntsville Initiative. “The Building People is a very motivated building energy optimization company, and we are excited they are a platinum sponsor of the Energy Huntsville Initiative.” 

The Initiative was created by Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle in 2011 as an economic development project to protect the city’s space and missile systems industrial technology base. More than 200 organizations are involved in the non-profit collaborative initiative.

According to the initiative’s, Energy Huntsville “is diversifying the region’s economy, workforce and business environment to include energy applications and innovations by linking the commercial and government contracting strengths of the greater Huntsville region with key customer requirements, market forces and national policy directives for advanced energy systems and applications.”

“The Building People is looking forward to growing our presence in Huntsville,” Melton said.

The Building People integrate technology, buildings and people to solve today’s biggest real estate challenges to deliver the future of facilities today. The company offers an array of facility management services, including building automation technology, energy and sustainability solutions and advanced asset management strategies to monitor and maintain buildings in efficient and cost-effective ways.

For more, go to thebuildingpeople.com.




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