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Hygieia Network Slates Professional Development Conference

Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

NORTHBROOK, IL -- The ISSA Hygieia Network, an ISSA Charities signature program dedicated to the advancement of women in the cleaning industry, has scheduled its next Networking and Leadership Conference: Unlocking Women’s Leadership Potential.

Diversey will host the event on Tuesday, February 25, at its headquarters in Fort Mill, SC from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

“Our first professional development conference was a major success, so we’re so excited to host another great event in partnership with Diversey,” said Meredith Reuben, chair of the Hygieia Council, and CEO of EBP Supply Solutions. “We encourage all industry women to invest in their careers by attending professional development conferences. The ISSA Hygieia Network’s program creates an open and encouraging space where all attendees can learn, grow, and develop lifelong skills and connections.”

The half-day conference will focus on the theme of unlocking women’s leadership potential and cover issues affecting opportunities for advancement, including negotiation skills, bias and discrimination, pay equity, mentorship, sponsorship, networking and more.

The event will also feature presentations from three executive leaders: Carolyn Cooke, vice president of North America, healthcare sector, Diversey; Stephanie Henderson, director of sales, engineered materials performance films, Berry Global; and Cindy Williams, vice president of sales, The Budd Group.

The conference will bring together attendees who hold positions across all industry areas and levels. Through an interactive reflection exercise, inspirational speeches, action plan development, and a networking lunch, attendees can expect to gain new connections and the necessary tools and strategies to apply to their professional lives.

To learn more and attend the ISSA Hygieia Network’s Networking and Leadership Conference, visit https://hygieianetwork.org/ihnconferencefeb2020/.

Named after the Greek goddess of cleaning and hygiene, the Hygieia Network is an ISSA Charities non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and retention of women in the cleaning industry.

For more information, visit www.hygieianetwork.org



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