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Purdue Professor Joins CIRI Science Advisory Council

Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

GRANVILLE, OH -- The Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI), the only independent and impartial institute focused on cleaning and building maintenance research, has announced that Randy R. Rapp, an associate professor at Purdue University, has joined its science advisory council.

In West Lafayette, IN, Purdue is a center of expertise in building construction and management. One focus of this department involves teaching, learning, mentoring and research in disaster restoration and reconstruction.

This restoration concentration was established with great foresight and a multi-year financial commitment of more than $1 million to the university by leaders in the disaster restoration, remediation and reconstruction industry. The principal faculty of this Purdue University program is associate professor Randy R. Rapp, D.Mgt, PE and CCE. Professor Rapp holds a doctoral degree in management and is a licensed professional engineer.

The science of disaster restoration and remediation is one of CIRI’s core competencies. After Dr. Rapp and his recent Purdue student, now doctoral degree recipient, Major Christopher Baker, jointly presented at CIRI’s 2019 science symposium about the use of drones for post-disaster damage assessment, CIRI’s leadership determined that it simply must have Rapp’s expertise on CIRI’s Science Advisory Council (SAC). After a certain amount of arm-twisting, Dr. Rapp was nearly as delighted to serve as CIRI was to have him.

Dr. Rapp joins other distinguished CIRI SAC members including Dr. Gene Cole, Dr. Ralph Moon, John Richter, Dr. Greg Whiteley, Dr. Richard Shaughnessy, and Dr. Steven Spivak.

Purdue’s industry-leading, unique “Demolition and Disaster Restoration and Reconstruction Management” program is housed in the School of Construction Management (CM). It is now in its 11th year of academic operation.

More than 100 students have elected such coursework, with most earning special credit on their diplomas. Some graduates now work for major restoration and demolition industry players. These studies focus on the needs and activities of contractors performing fire and water restoration and related disaster recovery or demolition work.

Purdue's program serves as a major contributor to industry professionalism and learning. It provides research and knowledge adding to the development of the RIA Certified Restorer Body of Knowledge. All CM students study disaster recovery for their degrees. Recovery from a major electrical grid disaster and demolition of old military structures are recent topics.

The Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) began in 2005 as an idea shared by several visionary pioneers. CIRI is a 501.c.3 nonprofit scientific, educational and research institute recognized for its groundbreaking cleaning science and research programs.




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