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NFSI Board of Directors Terminates Relationship with ANSI

Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

SOUTHLAKE, Texas -- On January 31, 2020, the NFSI Board of Directors voted to terminate its relationship with ANSI and will no longer publish standards under the ANSI designation.

NFSI will remain a Standards Developing Organization (SDO) and continue to publish standards via its B101 Main Committee.

All future slip, trip and fall prevention standards will be published under the NFSI B101 designation. Past (historical) and currently published ANSI/NFSI B101 standards will remain available for purchase on both the NFSI or ANSI websites.

This decision was made to help streamline and meet the NFSI’s mission of standards development. Five new and/or revised NFSI B101 standards have recently been released and eight additional standards are in varying stages of development by the NFSI B101 Main Committee and Sub-Committees. For any questions or interest in participating in the standards developing process for walkway safety, contact Laura Cooper at laurac@nfsi.org.

On February 5, 2020, the NFSI became an Organizational Member of The Society For Standards Professionals (SES). The new partnership with the SES will advance the NFSI’s mission as a standards developer and expand the NFSI B101 series of slip, trip and fall prevention globally.

The Society for Standards Professionals was founded in 1947 as the Standards Engineering Society, a not-for-profit professional membership society dedicated to furthering the knowledge and use of standards and standardization. SES is unique in that it is the only organization in North America committed exclusively to this effort. It also manages the world’s only certification program for standards professionals.

SES provides a neutral forum where standards users and developers can come together to address mutual issues, opportunities, and interests in ways that work to the benefit of everyone involved with, or affected by, standards. SES members are primarily involved in the development, application, and use of company, government, national, regional, and international standards. SES is the member body for Canada and the United States in the International Federation of Standards Users (IFAN).

Also, NFSI announced that 3M Commercial Solutions Division has joined the NFSI Board of Directors.
On January 31, 2020, Donald T. Landin, Ph.D., Lead Application Engineering Specialist with 3M Commercial Solutions Division) joined the NFSI Board of Directors.

3M applies science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. 3M sees the world's challenges clearly and unites the people that dare to solve them. 3M innovates with purpose and uses science every day to create real impact in every life around the world. NFSI is proud to partner with 3M in making safety a priority.

NFSI Standards
The NFSI B101 Standards Committee On Safety Requirements for Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention published several standards last month. The standards include:
•     NFSI B101.1-2020 Test Method for Measuring the Wet SCOF of Hard-Surface Walkways
•     NFSI B101.2-2020 Test Method for Determining the Impact on Wet Coefficients of Friction of Various Chemical or Physical Walkway Surface Cleaners and Treatments on Common Hard-Surface Flooring Materials
•     NFSI B101.3-2020 Test Method for Measuring the Wet DCOF of Hard Surface Walkways
•     NFSI B101.8-2020 Standard Guide for Floor Safety Management Program for Slip, Trip and Fall

To purchase an NFSI standard, go to nfsi.org. B101 Members may request a copy of any standard by emailing Laura Cooper (laurac@nfsi.org).

•     NFSI WACH Training (April 27-30, 2020) Register
•     NFSI WACH Refresher Course will be available on Friday, February 28th
•     J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. has partnered with NFSI to produce the Walkway Safety for Employees - Handbook.  The handbook is designed to help employees recognize hazards and prevent falls from the same level. 






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