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OpenWorks Sees Demand for Advanced Cleaning Measures

Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

PHOENIX -- Beyond the business impact of the coronavirus lockdown, companies are increasingly challenged to protect the health and wellness of their employees and customers, and cleanliness is the key.

As the pandemic unfolds, U.S. schools and businesses are taking extra precautions to keep their environments clean and healthy. For example, cleaning service providers have seen a sharp increase in demand for cleaning and advanced measures, such as electrostatic technology, to maximize infection control.

“On an individual level, washing your hands and practicing good hygiene is sound, practical advice, but schools and businesses have a greater obligation and responsibility to keep their facilities clean and safe,” said Liz Caracciolo, Chief Operating Officer of OpenWorks, a commercial cleaning and facilities services company that specializes in corporate, healthcare and education facilities.

“We’re getting calls from businesses of all kinds, from warehouses, general offices and schools to convention centers, gyms, financial institutions and healthcare facilities,” said Caracciolo. “All of them are concerned about coronavirus and asking for more frequent cleaning, disinfecting every horizontal and vertical surface.”

Specialized disinfectant treatments can help facilities to help prevent the spread of illnesses. Caracciolo recommends businesses take the following steps to keep germs at bay:

  • Be wary of the hype. Avoid silver-bullet products such as cleaning machines, filters or cleaning agents that offer unrealistic performance promises. Good old-fashioned disinfecting and cleaning are the most effective preventive measures, using EPA-approved cleaning products.
  • Promote cleanliness through the day. Encourage team members to regularly clean and wipe down their own workspaces, including frequently used surfaces and items like keyboards and doorknobs.


  • Be realistic about resources. Many business executives are stretched thin by the uncertainty and focused on business continuity concerns, so a third-party cleaning service with a proven track record can provide the expert attention necessary to achieve a heightened level of cleanliness.
  • Make the most of the situation. For businesses contemplating a temporary shut-down or transitioning to a remote-work situation, schedule a cleaning while team members are away from the office.


Find more advice about workplace hygiene and health at www.openworksweb.com.

OpenWorks is a national facility services and commercial cleaning service provider that helps businesses, healthcare facilities, schools and more make their worlds work better by making their facilities cleaner, safer and healthier. Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, the company has more than 20 regional offices and a network of over 1,500 elite service providers across the country.

For more information about OpenWorks, visit openworksweb.com. For franchising information, visit openworksfranchise.com.












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