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Segura Says: Cleaning Proposals to Change Post COVID-19

Print Article Contributed by BSM Staff

SAN MATEO, CA -- COVID-19 is sure to produce several changes in the professional cleaning industry, specifically for building service contractors; among those changes is the information included in cleaning proposals.

"We will need to include entire sections [in our proposals] on how the contractor is taking steps to protect human health, and that includes the health of their own workers," said Ron Segura, president of Segura & Associates, a leading cleaning consultant for building service contractors in both North and South America.

Many cleaning proposals now include information regarding OSHA training and certification. "This typically involves how to address dangers and hazards when performing cleaning duties. This will not be enough in a post-COVID world."

Among the items Segura says contractors will need to add to their cleaning proposals include the following:

Verification of ‘Best Practices’ Training
Prospects will want to see that your staff has been certified by ISSA's Cleaning Management Institute, CIMS program, or something similar. "Certification is what puts the word 'professional' in professional cleaning."

Specialized Certifications
Some industries will require their own certifications. For instance, cleaning professionals maintaining healthcare facilities should be Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professionals. "Going forward, healthcare facilities will want to see this noted in all janitorial proposals."

PPE Training
Cleaning workers need to be trained on how wear, put on, and remove PPE equipment, and this too should be noted in cleaning proposals. "During the EBOLA crisis, some healthcare workers either did not put on or remove PPE gear properly, causing many to come down with the disease."

Equipment Changes
Cleaning contractors typically select equipment based on costs, effectiveness, safety, and worker productivity. “Now, customers want to see if the equipment selected also protects health. An example would be HEPA filters on vacuum cleaners.”

“The bottom line is customers will want your proposal to include entire sections on how you plan to protect the health of building users. In some cases, this will be the first section they turn to," concluded Segura.

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