Ready and Resilient, Trane Helps Buildings Reopen Safely

Contributed by BSM Staff

DAVIDSON, NC -- As businesses prepare to increase building occupancy, Trane, creator of comfortable, energy efficient indoor environments for commercial and residential applications, has introduced a new suite of services to help building owners and operators bring people back indoors with confidence.

Just as many homeowners have their residential HVAC systems serviced before use each season, it’s important that buildings’ mechanical systems are thoroughly checked and maintained after long periods of vacancy, with consideration to ventilation, airflow and humidity.

The four new service offerings – Trane Indoor Air Quality Assessment; Trane System Startup; Trane Energy Checkup; and Trane Remote Services – align to the latest HVAC industry guidelines and can be customized and scaled to meet the specific needs of each building.

“It’s a different world for buildings and those who run them,” said Donny Simmons, president, Commercial HVAC Americas, Trane Technologies. “Building operators must plan to safely welcome back employees, tenants and customers while balancing new realities. They need a trusted partner who understands the impact of indoor air quality, where to make investments, and how to make buildings more sustainable. Trane can help make the process easier and safer for building owners and occupants alike.

“Every building is unique and deserves a proper assessment by trained professionals – especially as buildings emerge from unplanned states of vacancy or reduced occupancy,” said Simmons. “Trane professionals take into account the building’s purpose, age, condition, climate and occupancy trends, and identify opportunities to improve indoor air quality conditions and building performance in line with a building owner’s broader goals.”

System Startup Services
“Just as many homeowners have their residential HVAC systems serviced before use each season, it’s important that buildings’ mechanical systems are thoroughly checked and maintained after long periods of vacancy, with consideration to ventilation, airflow and humidity,” said Simmons.

Trane System Startup is a comprehensive examination of a building’s HVAC system and its main components to ensure reliable operation at optimal levels. Trane technicians and engineers provide a comprehensive review of the building’s system and then test, clean and address any HVAC system performance issues to help enable healthier, comfortable and efficient indoor environments.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment
Indoor air quality matters more than ever, and tenants, employees and customers want to know facilities are prepared for their return.

The Trane Indoor Air Quality Assessment is a fact-based, data-driven analysis of how effectively a building’s indoor air quality adheres to current industry recommendations for operating HVAC systems. Trane technicians and engineers will examine and provide relevant data in critical areas that influence indoor air quality. Where possible, Trane can conduct the assessment remotely through the building automation system (BAS). Building operators will receive actionable data and insights about the building’s overall air quality to implement immediately or plan for future investment.

Remote Services
Businesses can consider lower-touch and remote building services to effectively manage their building from afar. Trane Remote Services provide reduced-contact building maintenance and management through our connected building automation systems. Technology advancements continue to expand the tasks that once required a service truck and on-site support.

Remote Diagnostic Services and Remote Service Specialists act as a “second set of eyes” to monitor and support HVAC system performance remotely 24/7. Trane remote specialists can handle most standard HVAC service tasks without an on-site visit. If on-site work is required, remote diagnostics help to ensure the technician is prepared with the right tools and parts to resolve in a single visit, resulting in reduced downtime and fewer on-site visitors.

Energy Check-Up
Energy efficiency is a fundamental part of any sustainability program and offers short- and long-term benefits for businesses, building occupants and the environment. An efficient building is better able to maintain consistent comfort and optimized indoor air quality for increased resiliency and stability; yet, many of the same enhancements that improve indoor air quality can increase energy use.

A Trane Energy Check-Up can help pinpoint areas of inefficiency and opportunities for adjustments that improve energy efficiency and savings. Trane delivers a system-wide, data-driven analysis of a building's energy consumption and action plan to help building leaders manage energy use and associated costs today – and prepare for future needs.

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There is strong evidence from The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and other sources that HVAC technologies can mitigate the risk of exposure to infectious aerosols in built environments; however, the transmission and mitigation of COVID-19 in buildings is yet to be fully tested and confirmed.

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