Merry Maids Enhances Cleaning with 3M Science

Contributed by BSM Staff

MEMPHIS, TN -- Merry Maids, a ServiceMaster company, has joined 3M in a collaboration to provide enhanced cleaning in the homes of its customers by combining the comprehensive research, development and testing capabilities of the experts in cleaning and the experts in cleaning science.

Merry Maids and 3M teamed up to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning process, spending over 500 hours researching products and solutions to bring the best of 3M cleaning science into the homes of Merry Maids customers across the country.

Merry Maids team members spend more than 6 million hours in customers’ homes each year and are the experts in providing clean and healthy environments. With this new collaboration, they can now leverage the 3M brand’s advanced cleaning products and proprietary cleaning techniques in the process.

“Our Merry Maids customers expect the best,” said Hagan Kappler, president. “Our work with 3M offers our customers science-based cleaning solutions that leverage the expertise of both companies. We have a great collaboration and we look forward to further enhancing the ability of Merry Maids to create clean and healthy environments in the homes of our customers.”

Merry Maids and 3M continued to work together during the COVID-19 global pandemic to offer cleaning and disinfection services using 3M disinfectant. 3M offered virtual training on disinfecting products to ensure consistent protocols were followed across the country. Additionally, the Merry Maids network quickly incorporated the cleaning and disinfection protocols to clean and disinfect all equipment after each home cleaning to protect the health and safety of customers and team members.

Merry Maids now uses more than a dozen 3M products in the homes of Merry Maids customers, including:

  • Scotchgard glass and stainless steel cleaning solutions that provide an exceptional clean and surface protection.
  • Scotch-Brite brushes and pads include anti-microbial protection and offer safe cleaning power for multiple surfaces in the home.
  • 3M Disinfectant RCT Cleaner Concentrate, an EPA-registered disinfectant that meets the EPA’s Emerging Pathogen Policy specific to COVID-19, to disinfect high-touch areas in the home.

Merry Maids team members across 480 franchise locations receive specific training on products from a dedicated team at 3M. Each Merry Maids location has direct hotline access to 3M technical support to quickly get answers to questions about products and their usage.

“At Scotch-Brite, we believe that clean changes everything, and a clean home can set the tone for a fresh, uplifting start every day,” said Beth Edinger, vice president, Home Care Division, 3M. “In today’s world, cleanliness has taken on a new importance, as consumers want to ensure their homes are safe and healthy for themselves and their loved ones. We are so excited to team up with Merry Maids and deliver science-based cleaning solutions to homes across America that consumers can trust and find comfort in.”

Additional 3M products are currently being tested by Merry Maids and more are in the pipeline for future testing and network-wide rollout to further enhance the Merry Maids cleaning kit of products used in customer homes by team members every day.

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