Batelle Biomedical Demostrates Aerobiotix’s Air Disinfection Works

Contributed by BSM Staff

MIAMISBURG, Ohio -- Aerobiotix, Inc. has announced that laboratory testing at the Battelle Biomedical Research Center has demonstrated the effectiveness of its ILLUVIA hospital air disinfection technology, which provides simultaneous ultraviolet and mechanical air filtration, against the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) which causes COVID-19.

This is the first time an air cleaning device has been directly tested with live SARS-CoV-2 aerosol culturing.

Testing has indicated that the ILLUVIA system reduces SARS-CoV-2 below detectable levels when challenged with concentrated bioaerosols. Testing was performed with live cultured SARS-CoV-2 virus, using a strain sourced from an infected patient from Washington state.

Due to the pathogenic nature of SARS-CoV-2, aerosolization of the virus was performed in a biosafety level III laboratory. Bioaerosol containing 15.7 million viruses of SARS-CoV-2 were injected into the test unit in multiple trials.

The test unit consisted of an Aerobiotix ILLUVIA photolytic chamber, which incorporated four C-band ultraviolet sources operating at 254nm wavelength and containing approximately 2400 transparent quartz tubular elements oriented randomly in the chamber. Viruses were collected downstream and placed in cell culture. The cells were observed for damage indicating infection, such as deformation or bursting.

In control tests, where the test unit was turned off, cell damage was present and virus was detected. No damage or virus was detected in the ILLUVIA samples.

“This first-of-its-kind study from the Battelle Biomedical Research Center is the gold standard for testing aerosols with viral culturing,” said David Kirschman, MD, CEO of Aerobiotix. “Our mission is to provide the healthcare community with assurance that our products have proven performance against SARS-CoV-2, as well as other pathogens, to protect their organizations,” he added.

“Battelle is conducting dozens of studies for government and commercial clients related to the COVID-19 pandemic with the goal of preventing the spread of the virus,” said Sanjeeth Pai, General Manager of Battelle’s Healthcare Business Unit. “Our specialty facilities, staffed by researchers from across several disciplines, enable us to perform a range of work in the areas of pharmaceutical, medical device and industrial applications.”

AEROBIOTIX is a medical device company improving patient outcomes by transforming the physical environment of care. We utilize proprietary technologies to remove airborne microorganisms within acute environments and deliver measurable, data-driven, and peer-supported improvements to patient outcomes.


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