PURELL Positioned to Support Safe Reopening of Schools

Contributed by BSM Staff

AKRON, OH -- As schools work to reopen and maintain in-class learning, GOJO Industries, makers of PURELL brand Hand Sanitizer, is working to ensure students, teachers, and staff, including bus drivers and cafeteria workers, have access to safe and effective hand and surface disinfecting products.

After investing $400 million during the pandemic, GOJO has greatly expanded capacity and is producing and shipping 300 percent more PURELL Hand Sanitizer than in 2019. GOJO stands ready with plenty of inventory to support schools nationwide.

GOJO, a global leader in skin health and hygiene solutions, responded to immense demand, by activating 2.5 million square feet of manufacturing space and adding facilities in Maple Heights, Navarre, Ashland, and Cleveland, Ohio.

The company pulled forward 10 years of capital spending for new lines and equipment and welcomed over 500 new team members. Because of the company’s response, GOJO has the inventory, production capacity, and fulfillment capabilities in place to support K-12 schools nationwide with PURELL products. 

“We believe PURELL Hand Sanitizer can play a critical role in helping schools reopen and stay open with confidence," said Carey Jaros, President & CEO, GOJO. “PURELL is among the most trusted brands in the country when it comes to health and well-being, and PURELL products are unparalleled in both safety and efficacy. There is significant data that shows that PURELL products in any facility helps eliminate germs that can cause illness and increases confidence and peace of mind for students, teachers, and parents.”

On Feb. 12, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new guidelines for schools, including providing adequate hygiene supplies such as soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizers that contain at least 60 percent alcohol. PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer is 70 percent alcohol.

GOJO has PURELL products available for schools, including hand sanitizer, hand soap, dispensers, refills, counter mount soap dispensing systems, hand sanitizer tabletop bottles, and surface disinfectant (including a battery-powered sprayer for covering large areas).

Contact your GOJO distributor for information on available PURELL products. GOJO.com includes many resources to support schools in maximizing the impact of the products they have available:
•     Read the GOJO blogs "Where to Place Hygiene Products in Schools," and "5 Tips to Keep Your Classroom Clean."
•     Visit the PURELL Brand K-12 Well-Being Center for placement guides, best practices, and downloadable resources for guidance to maximize your hygiene programs. All resources use evidence-based best practices, aligning with CDC guidelines.
•     For higher education, visit GOJO.com/Athletics for resources to support all parts of your athletic facilities, and  GOJO.com/Colleges includes information to support each unique part of campus.
•     The PURELL Brand Well-Being Center has best practices, facts sheets, and other resources built on 75 years of research and expertise.

For GOJO, nothing is as important as delivering on the GOJO Purpose, which includes making sure that everywhere from classrooms to restaurants, to hospitals and on-the-go consumers, there is ready access to the safest and most effective hand and surface hygiene solutions.

Learn more at gojo.com.