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Leave Things Better
Cleaning and Disinfecting: How and When to Do It

Cleaning products play an essential role in daily life. They
can remove dirt and stains from our clothes, dried on food from our dishes, and even germs from our hands. Let’s learn more about the chemistry that makes this happen.

Cleaning is the process of taking something dirty—like your
kitchen counter—and removing dirt, grease, and grime found
on it. When we clean, we leave things better than they were
when we found them. Cleaning helps remove dirt, microbes
(like bacteria and viruses), small amounts of food, and many
other soils that we do not want hanging around.

Cleaning product labels contain more information than ever
before. Whatever you want to know about a product can likely
be found either printed on the label or by following a link or
QR code to additional details online. It is important to read the
information on the label before using a product because there
are instructions and safety messages to ensure safe and effective use. From directions to ingredients, our resources will help you understand more about what you will find on a cleaning product label and what it means.

No matter the type of product you are using (soap or detergent),
good cleaning takes a lot of energy. Three different kinds
to be exact:
• Chemical energy, provided by the soap or detergent;
• Mechanical energy, provided by a machine or by hand;
• Thermal energy, provided by heating water Let’s look at
how all these elements work together.

Assume we have a great, big, oily, greasy stain on one of our
favorite shirts. Water alone is not enough to remove the stain
and get our shirt clean. That's why soap was invented. Now let’s add some laundry detergent. The laundry detergent provides chemical energy. This energy is created by the composition of the soap or detergent and because of the way the Full story »


Dispensers that Reduce
Amount of Plastic in Ocean

The state of the planet plays a major role in human health and
wellbeing. That’s why it’s so concerning that an estimated 11 million metric tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean annually, which causes toxins to enter the food chain as a result of marine life ingesting these plastics, not to mention the dangers it poses to marine life.

To support the reduction of plastic in the ocean, Sofidel has partnered with Ocean Conservancy, a U.S.-based advocacy
non-profit that fights ocean pollution, Full story »



today's news

Maxpanda Eyes Asset Management Trends for 2022

BSM Staff | 01.20.22

WINNIPEG, Manitoba – To keep equipment and assets running properly, it’s important to get ahead of the maintenance curve. Being proactive and relevant when it comes to trends in the asset management industry means knowing the biggest challenges and how to resolve them.

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City Wide Expands in Cali with New Franchise

BSM Staff | 01.19.22

LOS ANGELES -- City Wide Facility Solutions, a building maintenance service provider, has opened its fourth location in California in Bellflower, which serves several cities in Los Angeles County.

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Donohoe Names Proctor EVP for Sales, Revenue Mgt

BSM Staff | 01.19.22

BETHESDA, MD -- Donohoe Hospitality Services, a hotel management company, has promoted Leticia Proctor to executive vice president – sales, marketing & revenue management.

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GP’s 1915 Studios Support Restroom Tech Company

BSM Staff | 01.19.22

NEENAH, WI -- Georgia-Pacific’s 1915 Studios will continue support of Luys Systems, a developer of smart building products and one of five companies that participated in GP’s summer 2021 inaugural 1915 Studios startup accelerator program.

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Daikin Invests in Philadelphia, Detroit Mfg Reps

BSM Staff | 01.19.22

MINNEAPOLIS -- Daikin Applied Americas has made majority investments in two of its current equipment, services and parts representatives, Detroit-based ThermalNetics and TriState HVAC Equipment, which serves customers in Philadelphia and the surrounding tri-state area.

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Stratus Seeks Int’l Footprint with New Prez

BSM Staff | 01.18.22

LOS ANGELES -- Stratus Building Solutions, a green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise, has named Doug Flaig its new president, as the company strives to expand its influence and international footprint.

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