LG Brings LGRED Technology to Single Zone Solutions

Contributed by BSM Staff

ALPHARETTA, GA -- As the movement to reduce the impact of traditional fossil fuels progresses, LG Air Conditioning Technologies USA has expanded its robust portfolio of single- and multi-zone products with LGRED (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) technology.

The technology brings powerful heating capability to more single zone products – pushing the industry forward in the electrification of residential and light commercial building sectors. 

Boasting superior heating capacity performance down to 5°F and continuous heating operations down to -13˚F, products featuring LGRED heat technology efficiently deliver heat during colder weather. LG single zone systems with LGRED provide homeowners with an electric option that reliably delivers year-round heating and cooling in an all-in-one inverter heat pump system. For cold climate zones, especially, the systems offer a greener alternative replacing expensive, supplemental heat sources.

The expansion of LG single zone systems with LGRED makes significant strides in the market preference for a more efficient and connected home. By offering flexible solutions for maximum occupant comfort in extreme temperatures, homeowners now have one system to heat and cool, as well as the convenience of only one system to maintain.

An added benefit, the launch of LG’s new single zone systems gives homeowners and contractors the opportunity to take advantage of the growing number of federal, local, and utility rebates and incentives to offset the upfront installation costs, making the switch more accessible and affordable while capturing the long term benefit of this technology.

Featuring LG Inverter technology, the new single zone products with LGRED° can intelligently sense the air conditioning demand, proportionally ramping the inverter compressor up or down. This is unlike traditional systems which have limited ability to calculate proportional energy use relative to the demand.

The ENERGY STAR certified lineup also comes packed with other industry-leading benefits of inverter technology including enhanced acoustic comfort, as well as compatibility with the LG ThinQ app, providing access to an ecosystem of LG products from any smart device including Google Home or Alexa.

Offered in capacities ranging from 18,000 to 48,000 Btu/h, the expanded suite of LG single zone systems meets a variety of home and load sizes and are matched with ducted and ductless indoor unit styles, including the LG Multi-position Air Handler Unit. LG single zone system products now featuring LGRED° heat technology include:

“As regional initiatives and demand for electrification gain ground, we’re seeing more and more incentives and rebates for the fossil fuel replacement market. By expanding LGRED in our single zone suite, LG is responding to the market by providing homeowners and contractors with energy efficient electric options that were previously out of reach in colder climates,” said Steve Scarbrough, senior vice president and general manager, LG Air Conditioning Technologies USA.

“As one of the only manufacturers to bring cold climate heat pumps that don’t require an auxiliary heat source to market, LG is continuing to deliver advanced innovations that meet customer needs, while moving the industry forward in overall efficiency and clean energy.”

For more information on the complete portfolio of LG's robust lineup of heating and cooling solutions and controls, visit lghvac.com.