Texas Gym to Open with COVID-Killing Biodefense Air System

Contributed by BSM Staff

WICHITA FALLS, Texas -- As Covid-19 cases continue to rise nationwide, Crush NTX Fitness plans to open their doors with the use of the world’s only indoor, biodefense air protection system, designed to, “catch and kill” airborne coronavirus.

They will be the first fitness facility to deploy such technology, developed by Integrated Viral Protection.
IVP’s mobile models, the r1, s1 and v1, are plug-and-purify, stand-alone devices proven to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 (99.999%), anthrax spores (99.8%) and other airborne contaminants through a heated filter without impacting the temperature of the ambient air.

IVP’s technology also includes a solution for retrofitting HVAC.

“The time for action is now,” said Monzer Hourani, inventor of the technology. “Let us engineer our way out of this crisis and be more prepared for the next. Lives are being lost daily, and we need to accelerate manufacturing and installation of this critical biodefense system which is the only technology proven to remove the coronavirus from the air instantaneously. Partnerships between public and private entities are critical to making this protection available for as many as possible, as rapidly as possible.”

“The inception of our fitness facility came about when we were laid off because of the pandemic. Member safety was a priority in our opening plans,” says Crush NTX Fitness owner, Melissa Whitmer. “So, it just made sense to deploy these IVP units.”

The facility will be deploying multiple units from the IVP product family. The r1, capable of circulating and filtering air up to 550 CFM, and the v1, the largest model, capable of circulating up to 1,800 CFM. With this powerful circulation, the units circulate the space 8-10 times per hour.

A peer-reviewed study demonstrating how the heated air disinfection system has been proven to kill 99.999% of SARS-CoV-2 on contact, as well as anthrax spores and other airborne pathogens was published in Materials Physics Today.

“Opening up America starts with using proven technology to make the air we breathe safe and viral free,” says Dr. Garrett Peel, IVP’s Principal Executive and Co-founder. “IVP’s Biodefense System is a public health game changer as it is the one and only heated filtration system proven to kill Covid-19 in the air instantaneously along with other biological threats, such as influenza, making high risk areas such as a fitness facility like Crush NTX a much safer and healthier environment.”

Integrated Viral Protection Solutions, LP (IVP) was created by Monzer Hourani in April 2020, to respond to the COVID-19 global pandemic and to foster research, development, and deployment of technologies that offer biodefense solutions to mitigate transmission of biological threats in indoor environments.

Research partners include The University of Houston Center for Superconductivity, Texas A&M Department of Experimental Engineering, and The UTMB Galveston National Lab. The IVP proprietary products have received independent endorsements from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) , Argonne National Lab (site of the Manhattan Project) and other leading scientists of global stature,

including Dr. Paul C.W. Chu (National Medal of Science by President Reagan for his discovery of Superconductivity/Nobel Prize nominee) and Dr. George Crabtree (University of Illinois Chicago, Argonne Laboratory, and National Academy of Science).