Bona Commercial System™ Resilient Floor Solution
Kaldec Regional Medical Center

Contributed by Bona


The Challenge
The sheet vinyl floors in Kaldec Regional Medical Center’s medication room receive extensive wear and tear from heavy foot traffic, transportation of medical equipment in and out of the room, and harsh chemical cleaning from disinfectants. When it came time to replace the floors, the original plan to hire an outside contractor and tear out and replace the floor meant that the medication room would be in accessible for 3 days along with a cost of more than $7000.

The Bona Commercial System™ Resilient Flooring Solution offered an alternative for the 150 square foot room to quickly update floors, with minimal downtime and substantial cost savings.

The Process
Wet abrade the floor: Wet abrade the floor with a Bona FlexiSand DCS® Buffer, Bona Multidisc drive plate and 80-grit diamond abrasives.

Clean the floor: Clean the floor with the Bona Commercial System® Multi-Surface Mop Kit, Bona Commercial System™ Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner.

Apply Base Color: Once floor is dry, apply one coat of Bona Commercial System™ Case Color- Warm Pewter.

Apply Color Chips: While applying Bona Commercial System Floor Base Color, combination of white, neutral gray and medium gray Bona Commercial System Color Chips were applied.

Apply Finish: Once dry, apply two coats of Bona Commercial System™ Resilient Floor Finish (Satin).

“This project is a trial run for potential future projects and the future is looking great!” – Denis Melnik, Kaldec Medical Center Facilities Painter

The Solution
Kaldec Medical Center realized the following benefits from implementing the Bona Commercial System™ Resilient Floor Solution:

  • Cost savings: Instead of a $7,000 floor replacement project the Bona materials cost approximately $600. The facility will realize future savings by eliminating the need to strip and polish the floor. Additionally, Bona trained the facilities painter and EVS floor care team to use the system so future projects can be complete in-house.
  • Minimal Downtime: The floor was transformed in only 5 hours with beautiful results!
  • Reduce Bioload: Because of the monolithic surface germs and contaminants are easy to clean and sanitize.