EvaClean Builds PurExcellence on Six Key Pillars

Contributed by BSM Staff

BRAINTREE, MA -- The vision for proactive, infection prevention has been realized in the EvaClean solution with proven processes and safer, more effective cleaning technologies.

Over time, EvaClean has also become a trusted advisor for infection prevention units and environmental service teams in hospitals, health systems and long-term care facilities, as well as in colleges and universities. Ultimately, the unique needs of these industry sectors inspired EvaClean to create PurExcellence.

EvaClean’s PurExcellence is a progressive program built on six key pillars—Assessment, Standardization, Education, Safety, Sustainability and Guaranteed Cost Savings—which establish a roadmap to true infection prevention partnerships with healthcare and higher education.

The first step in the quest for PurExcellence entails a complete site assessment of current protocols, chemistries and applications based on a number of factors specific to each facility.

“The data is used to develop a comprehensive chemical analysis, then compared against a more standardized approach using safer chemistries, which invariably yields cost savings of at least 30 percent,” said Kurt Wong, CEO of EarthSafe, EvaClean’s parent company.

However, these benefits can’t be realized without ongoing targeted education that ensures proper procedures are implemented on a consistent basis.

“One of the most critical components of PurExcellence is customized training for the life of the partnership,” said Rich Prinz, Senior Vice President of Sales. “Perennial education helps ensure higher levels of safety, compliance and productivity to achieve better outcomes.”

Safety has always been one of EvaClean’s primary pillars. That’s why PurExcellence is standardized around EvaClean’s PurOne NaDCC cleaner and disinfectant. Not only does PurOne have the first EPA registered biofilm bacteria kill claim, it also eradicates over 55 organisms on 12 EPA lists, including multi-drug resistant and emerging pathogens.

To mitigate cross-contamination, PurOne can also be used with EvaClean’s disposable environmental surface wipes or, alternatively, the wipes system can be used to augment existing programs.

“Long-term sustainability is another important aspect of PurExcellence,” said CEO Steve Wilson. “Our technologies were specifically designed to deliver both environmental and economic benefits.”

Because PurOne and PurTabs, EvaClean’s electrostatic sprayer disinfectant, dilute to different strengths for multi-purpose solutions and are highly effective at lower parts per million (ppm), it takes less chemical to accomplish more. The tablet format also requires less packaging, translating to less shipping, emissions and environmental impact. When strategies include electrostatic disinfection of all touchpoints, chemical consumption is even further reduced.

The six pillars of EvaClean’s PurExcellence initiative are a proactive formula for the prevention of infectious outbreaks and HAIs, which adds up to higher quality care and lower associated costs of at least 30 percent--guaranteed.

Originally developed by EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives in 2016, EvaClean has become the preeminent infection prevention solution. In addition to a portfolio of advanced electrostatic technologies and safer, more sustainable chemistries, EvaClean provides customized protocols and ongoing training to simplify processes and improve outcomes.

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