Marsden Expands Pro-Serv Brand in Southwest

Contributed by BSM Staff

PHOENIX -- Marsden Services, L.L.C., a facility maintenance provider, is expanding the operations of its Pro-Serv Commercial Cleaning subsidiary by combining it with existing operations throughout the Southwest and currently under the Marsden West brand.

As of August 1, 2023, the Marsden janitorial operations throughout Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada will be performed under the Pro-Serv Commercial Cleaning brand.

The Marsden enterprise acquired Pro-Serv Commercial Cleaning in July 2021. Pro-Serv commercial cleaning is a commercial janitorial contractor headquartered in Phoenix and has been operating in Arizona for over 25 years.

“When we decided it was time for us to sell, we wanted to find a company that was built from the ground up like ours,” said Rich Lyons, former President of Pro-Serv Commercial Cleaning, Inc. “We had our eyes on Marsden for several years prior to reaching out to them. I was (and even more now) impressed with Guy Mingo (President and CEO) and how he started out as a cleaner years back and worked his way to the top and built Marsden into what is today. Once we closed, Marsden held true and let us run the company through the earnout and provided support. Everything that we agreed to was honored.”

Pro-Serv was acquired by Haynes Building Service, L.L.C., a Marsden operating company based out of California. The acquisition of Pro-Serv allowed Marsden to expand its capacity and capabilities in Arizona and the surrounding markets.

Marsden has been operating throughout the Southwest for several decades and has a strong presence throughout Arizona and the surrounding markets through its janitorial, mechanical maintenance, security, and restoration service lines. By merging the operations of Marsden West and Pro-Serv, Marsden has become the largest janitorial provider in the Valley and has significantly increased its

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