Fall Safety Provider Launches Engineered Solutions Division

Contributed by Safety Rail Company

Fall safety manufacturer, Safety Rail Company, is expanding its reach beyond passive fall protection systems. With the inception of a new Engineered Solutions division, SRC is set to design, manufacture and install solutions that currently do not exist.

“We’re seeing a steady demand for fall protection solutions that can’t be easily sourced,” said SRC President Craig Erickson. “Our mobile railing product satisfies most of the challenges associated with flat commercial roofs, but we have the capacity and the talent to take on so much more.”

Consistent with SRC’s core business, Engineered Solutions projects will encompass all aspects of assignment from design through installation.

SRC’s mobile rail product, the SRC360, will continue to own the lion’s share of the company’s focus, the Engineered Solutions group will be taking on enterprise projects requiring specific modifications, custom fabrication and design from the ground up. SRC has assembled a seasoned, crack squad of veterans to lead the charge. The group is already engaged in developing an overhead rigid rail solution for a global commodities transportation corporation. Barges and rail cars require a very specific fall protection system, but customization is almost always required.  

Erickson went on to say, “There’s an appetite out there. Right now, these types of projects are being fulfilled by local fabricators or one-dimensional distributors. Those businesses don’t have the breadth of capabilities or the familiarity with OSHA compliance to deliver a credible, integrated solution. That’s where we’ll come in.”

For more information on Safety Rail Company’s full capabilities, call 1.888.434.2720 or visit thesafest.com.