NSF Certifies ReadyLadder for Water Contact

Contributed by BSM Staff

BEDFORD, PA -- Bedford Reinforced Plastics, a manufacturer of fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) products, has announced that its ReadyLadder products have earned NSF construction certification for water-contact applications.
This latest certification solidifies Bedford’s commitment to providing high-quality, trusted solutions for customers in the water treatment segment and beyond.

The ReadyLadder modular ladder system has undergone rigorous testing and has been officially certified to meet NSF, ANSI and CAN 61 standards for water contact. When customers’ applications demand the use of ladders in wet conditions, they can turn to Bedford’s ReadyLadder modular access ladder systems with the utmost confidence.

All components of the ReadyLadder system have achieved certification, making them suitable for use in water treatment facilities.

Notably, Bedford offers NSF-construction-certified ReadyLadder and walk-through kits in two sizes:
•     The 10' ReadyLadder and walk-through kits are certified for potable water contact in 8,000-gallon and greater tanks.
•     The 15' ReadyLadder and walk-through kits are certified for potable water contact in 10,000-gallon and greater tanks.

Choosing NSF-certified products signifies that a company adheres to strict standards and procedures established by NSF. This certification process involves extensive product testing, material analyses, unannounced plant inspections and ongoing retesting of products to ensure they consistently meet the high standards required for certification.

One key advantage of Bedford’s NSF-construction-certified products is their availability. ReadyLadder systems and walk-through kits are in stock, easy to assemble and ready to ship, making it convenient for water treatment facilities, fish hatcheries and other applications that demand the highest quality standards.

ReadyLadder systems find utility in a wide range of potable water applications, including environments where the leaching of FRP materials into water must be avoided, such as inside tanks and fish hatcheries. Water treatment plants, as well as food and beverage operations, will particularly benefit from these NSF-certified products.

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