Spring Cleaning Survey Reveals ‘Sunday Reset’

Contributed by BSM Staff

ENGLEWOOD, CO -- Now that spring has arrived, many Americans are set to begin their once-a-year spring clean. In fact, according to a Bona/Harris Poll online survey from 2023, 9 in 10 U.S. adults (93%) spring clean their home.

To make spring cleaning easier, ongoing cleaning and tidying can go a long way to lessen the load. However, there remains debate around the best time of the week for regular cleaning.

Many Americans have taken to TikTok to document their “Sunday Scaries,” the feeling of anxiety for the coming week. Shortly after, #SundayReset videos began to amass, encouraging those with the “scaries” to establish a self-care routine to put themselves in a better mental state for the week ahead, including a light clean and tidy of their home space.

To get a pulse on how and when Americans are conducting weekly cleaning, Bona – a global, sustainably-driven company that supplies products for installing, renovating, maintaining and restoring premium floors – commissioned an online survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by The Harris Poll to gain cleaning habit insights as it relates to timing and the type of clean conducted regularly across the country.

The survey findings showed that two in five Americans (42%) tend to do a quick tidy, straighten up or light cleaning, comprised of wiping countertops and a quick dust or vacuum, during the week.

More than a third of Americans (37%) tend to clean at the end of each day to keep things manageable, and over a quarter (28%) tend to clean certain parts or aspects of their home on certain days of the week (e.g. “Toilet Thursdays”) or at certain times of the day.

“The data in this poll indicates some interesting findings about overall American cleaning preferences, but even more related to generational cleaning preferences,” said Leah Howell, Senior Brand Marketing Manager – Retail, Bona. “Whether it’s Friday after work to set a clean slate for the weekend, or perhaps the popular Sunday morning reset, we found that generations are cleaning at different times throughout the week and with a different purpose in mind.

“While Elder Millennials tend to clean at the end of each day to keep things manageable (39%) or clean aspects of their home on certain days of the week, such as Toilet Tuesdays (32%), younger millennials and Gen Z clean at the end of each day to keep things manageable (41%) or on Sundays to head into the work week with a clean home (38%).” In addition, men were more likely than women to dedicate an entire weekend to cleaning (19% vs. 14%).

The survey also asked Americans about environmental changes they’ve made in the home. Leading the categories, more than half of Americans (54%) noted they have switched to more environmentally friendly cleaning products over the past year, along with paper products (39%), food (35%) and beauty products (27%).

For those aged 18-44, 61% have made the shift to environmentally friendly cleaning products compared to 46% of those 55+. Parents of kids under 18 (64%) were also more likely to have made the switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products compared to those that aren’t parents of kids under 18 (50%), as well as changes in other categories, including paper products (48% vs. 35%), food (42% vs. 32%), beauty products (39% vs. 22%) and clothing (29% vs. 18%).

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