Beryl Shows Need for Storm Series Sliding Doors

Contributed by BSM Staff

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – With 2.5 million without power in Texas from Hurricane Beryl and the NOAA predicting an 85 percent chance of an “above normal” hurricane season this year, Horton Automatics is reminding architects and property managers to pay close attention to key construction details when selecting a door to withstand high wind and wind-borne debris.

“Rugged corner block construction, steel reinforced rails and a three-point locking system all work to provide superior resistance to wind,” said Ashley Estrada, Horton Product Manager. “Horton provides a range of hurricane-rated doors, each of them designed to meet exacting standards.”

Rated from 45 to 55 PSF, Horton’s Profiler Storm Series sliding doors address all but the most extreme conditions. Horton’s HD-Storm Sliding Door Systems provide even greater protection and are able to withstand wind pressure from 70 to 85 PSF, as per Miami Dade County testing and certification.

Horton’s HD-Storm Level E Hurricane-Rated Door Systems are Miami-Dade approved and meet the most stringent wind force ratings for coastal as well as inland areas. The HD-Storm Level E adds further design enhancements to meet small and large impact requirements. Horton’s HD-Storm Level E can easily withstand the impact of a 9-pound, 2” x 4” projectile traveling at a speed of 80 feet per second (or 55 mph).

To help architects, specifiers and property managers determine the Risk Category of an application and, ultimately, the level of door strength that is required to sustain the environmental conditions and protect your building and its occupants, Horton is offering two insightful articles to assist in door selection as it relates to wind force and wind-borne debris:
•     How to design and select doors for high wind and hurricanes.
•     Understanding the complexity of wind force on doors.

For additional information on wind force factors that impact door selection, contact Ashley Estrada, Product Manager, at, 361-866-6624 or contact your local Horton distributor.

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