Risk is hiding… SRC will find it and fix it.


Your facility is a dynamic environment where change is inevitable and the introduction and evolution of hazardous risks is in constant flux. It’s hard to keep up, but what you don’t know can damage your organization’s reputation and put your personnel at risk. A Safety Rail Hazard Assessment is designed to identify and mitigate risk from top to bottom, inside and out. Our on-site analysis identifies a broad spectrum of risks, including physical and ergonomic factors.

“If your organization has recently moved, remodeled or added equipment on a shop floor or rooftop, your exposure to risk may have changed,” says Adam Mochinski, Hazard Site Inspector for Safety Rail. “So many workplace hazards can be eliminated if you know they exist. Awareness is the first step to safety… and it’s a big step,” he added.

One fact that’s often overlooked is that a hazard assessment can accomplish more than just sidestepping disaster and reducing the risk of fines, lawsuits, and reputational damage. A professional hazard assessment reveals opportunities for process improvement and optimization. By addressing underlying safety concerns and inefficiencies, you can enhance productivity and streamline operations.

Saftey Rail Company is uniquely qualified to help organizations combat unnecessary risk. In addition to their hazard assessment service, SRC engineers, manufactures and professionally installs the industry’s most comprehensive line of passive fall protection products and overhead fall arrest systems.

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