Sodexo Partners with Blue Ocean on UVD Robots

Contributed by BSM Staff

BETHESDA, MD -- Sodexo, a provider of non-clinical services for healthcare organizations, has formed a partnership with UVD Robots, for its autonomous ultraviolet robots.

By providing the latest innovation in UV, this partnership will bolster Sodexo’s fully standardized, evidence-based program called Protecta, elevating environmental hygiene and keeping staff and clients safer.

"Effective healthcare operations demand meticulous attention, extending to rigorous environmental hygiene standards,” said Lisa Zierten, Global Protecta Brand Lead, Sodexo. “Enhancing germicidal efficacy, streamlining processes to optimize productivity, and minimizing operator involvement are critical priorities. We’re excited about collaborating with UVD Robots to implement their innovative solutions, bolstering our commitment to keeping the environment of care safe."

Available nationwide, these autonomous robots are designed to enhance productivity and efficacy when compared with legacy stationary UV equipment. With UVD Robots, workers no longer need to reposition units within rooms, freeing them for other critical tasks and reducing room turnover time by more than 50 percent.

The robots also deliver remarkable efficacy against resilient organisms with accurate room mapping and ability to get closer to surfaces. UVD Robots feature redundant safety systems, as well as generating detailed reports, showcasing comprehensive mapping and performance monitoring.

“Partnering with Sodexo is an ideal fit,” said Janus Doré Pagh, CEO at Blue Ocean Robotics, the manufacturer of UVD Robots. “Sodexo’s leadership in environmental hygiene serving a variety of facilities across the globe, perfectly complements our commitment to delivering advanced self-driving UV germicidal solutions. Together we can empower cleaning and disinfection teams to achieve unparalleled standards of environmental hygiene”.

Sodexo Healthcare is committed to powering human care through areas of clinical nutrition and wellness, environmental services, and healthcare technology management. Sodexo enables healthcare organizations to prioritize patient care by assuming responsibility for non-clinical healthcare services, contributing to positive patient outcomes.

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